Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is there something in the water?

The Burnaby federal political roundup makes one think Burnaby's political talent is at the municipal or provincial level:

  1. Peter Julian wants to ban advertising to the pre-teen set. No more toy ads might make parents rejoice but there are positive forms of advertising towards children and Julian would crack down on them by the look of things.

  2. Julian's Tory opponent last time, Marc Dalton, is back in the saddle and looking to make a run for the nomination again. He even had a poorly hatched scheme to take over the board of directors for the local Conservative association. Even with his advertising ban ideas Julian should be returned if this guy is who takes him on in the election.

  3. Up north in Burnaby-Douglas, the rose-cheeked Bill Cunningham is running all over the place trying to get attention - catch him Friday night on OMNI's The Standard. Next thing he'll be renting a plane to fly his banner around town like his old rival, Mr. Democracy. If Julian is safe, Cunningham taking a third kick at the can should make the Liberals a non-factor in north Burnaby for Bill Siksay.

No wonder people are seeing the Greens as a credible fourth party. When does the draft Joe Keithley for MP campaign start?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not meaning to scoop, but PJ is in their town

Supposedly Burnaby NDP MP Peter Julian is in Kamloops today at Thompson Rivers University. Chances are he's strengthening the NDP brand in Kamloops for their local candidate's run at Betty Hinton of the Conservatives who is not too popular with another blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 Bills, or if at first you don't succeed try, try again

Given the coverage Billy Cunningham received today on CKNW's Bill Good one is not surprised to see the Burnaby-Douglas Liberal nomination is fast approaching. Maybe he can figure out why he did not beat Bill Siksay the last two times and correct that for the next election.
Maybe the social networking Facebook group "Campaign to Elect Bill Cunningham Member of Parliament for Burnaby Douglas," a group by Roy Bornmann was the missing element of the perfect Burnaby-Douglas campaign.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dion in Burnaby? Probably Not

Stephane Dion is on a 17-day cross-Canada tour to promote himself and the Liberal Party. However, his B.C. schedule appears to only have stops in Vancouver and Surrey, despite being here from Sunday till Tuesday.

Three days and two cities is not a full schedule for the leader of a national political party. What do prospective Burnaby candidates Gerry Lenoski and Billy Cunningham have to say about this?

Burnaby is a popular route between Surrey and Vancouver. Can't Lenoski and Cunningham get him to make a pit stop? How else are the Liberals going to shake things up in the NDP hotbed of Burnaby?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coming up roses

Burquitlam MLA Harry Bloy is having Wine and Roses 2007, his annual fundraiser this coming Wednesday. To the credit of the Burquitlam Liberals, Bloy's fundraisers are among the best political shindigs in the area - not to mention the most regular and consistent at raising money to stop the "socialist hordes" of free-enterprise lore.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Julian on New Westminster's newest resident

Paul Callow, the "Balcony Rapist," arrived in New Westminster the other day. Mayor Wayne Wright called him a "time bomb." Peter Julian did not make the first comment but CKNW now has Julian's comments after he appeared on radio.