Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canada at 150: Liberals in Montreal, Vancouver, not Burnaby

The Canada at 150 Liberal "thinkers conference" is on this weekend in Montreal. Liberals and Liberal-minded thinkers have gathered to hash out ideas for the future of Canada, or at least the future of the Liberal Party.

The exclusive event has 300 invited participants. For the many Liberal activists not involved, several ridings have scheduled local gatherings to look at the future.

While three Vancouver ridings have made the effort to put on events, neither Burnaby-Douglas nor Burnaby-New Westminster are putting on local gatherings to draw out Liberals interested in the party's future under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff and beyond.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with the Canada150, or Ontario150 as some call it, is that events were scheduled to start at 8:30 am Eastern Time. That translates into 5:30 am Pacific Time. I'm sure the Burmaby ridings would have organized events were it not for the early start times. It's hard to find venues or get people out at 5:30 on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Those ridings which did put on events were only able to follow the second half of each days proceedings.

3/29/2010 8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect example of how the Liberals never gave a crap about the west and still dont.

4/11/2010 5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 words for the Liberals in Burnaby New Westminster: Also Ran

4/22/2010 5:27 PM  

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