Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harry Bloy and the BC Liberals

Burquitlam BC Liberal MLA Harry Bloy has recently begun a new e-mail update to constituents and other interested individuals. In that update there is a banner at the top of the e-mails featuring Mr. Bloy in a position similar to that of Gordon Campbell on the banner the BC Liberal Party uses on its homepage.

With careful inspection, one can see where Gordon Campbell was cut out and replaced by Harry Bloy. Local New Democrats say that this is the same banner Bloy used during the May 2005 election and note that all other BC Liberal candidates used the Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals banner in their advertisments while Bloy used "Harry Bloy and the BC Liberals" instead.

Could this be the latest attempt by Bloy to gain publicity for his re-election bid in 2009 or is he planning on making a run at the Liberal leadership like his former fellow Burnaby-Coquitlam area MLA Christy Clark?

Monday, February 13, 2006

BC Government's Valentine to the People

Much like CUPE, the BC Liberal government is preparing for tomorrow's throne speech. Recent weeks suggest the three key themes of the Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo's speech will be transportation infrastructure, healthcare, and the North.

Kevin Falcon's transportation portfolio has been a key theme throughout the second term of B.C.'s government, from minor bicycle path projects through to the bigger issues of the Pacific Gateway and the RAV SkyTrain line. The recent attention paid to the Gateway program suggests transportation infrastructure will receive significant attention tomorrow. This is an interesting theme given the vocal response opponents have made to the various parts of this sizable project.

As always, healthcare is on the government's priority list. With the new additions to UBC Hospital and the recent survey ranking B.C. first in healthcare, the issue has been getting even more attention than usual. The aging population should hear an updated healthcare plan announcement tomorrow.

The North is a region of the province that is in an interesting position. It faces the conflicting futures of a declining influence with a reduced share of the province's growing population while also having what could be a very prosperous economic future. Government announcements suggest parkland legislation and economic development will be themes of the speech tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day? Only time will tell if the B.C. government's love letter to itself also wins the hearts of B.C. voters.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Julian: Term #2, media opportunity #1

Burnaby-New Westminster MP Peter Julian has gone on the offensive against Vancouver-Kingsway MP and new Minister David Emerson. On CKNW this afternoon, Julian discussed Emerson's change from the Liberals to the Conservatives.

Julian has asked Bernard Shapiro, Ethics Commissioner of Canada, to look into Emerson's move to the new government in light of the January 25, 2006, report by the commissioner about the Ujjal Dosanjh-Gurmant Grewal(-Tim Murphy) affair. This suggests that something was offered to Emerson for him to switch parties.

In a related note, the consul job in Chandigarh, India, still remains open, so Julian must be talking about a different offer.