Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Newsleader is on the mark

Dave Myles is listed as the defeated 2001 Willingdon NDP candidate in the Burnaby Newsleader's coverage.

The final BCA council candidate: Leslie Roosa

Leslie Roosa, the Burnaby Parks chair and "flower afficionado", is the last of the new BCA council candidates. Lee Rankin, running with TEAM in his successful return to council, beat her out for the last council spot in 2002 (check out these follow up comments from one of the BCAers).

BCA newcomer profile: Paul McDonell

Paul McDonell, Burnaby Citizens council candidate, unlike his BCA letter writing colleague most often has appeared in the Burnaby Now for his work as the former Simon Fraser Health Region chair and for being a Burnaby Parks and Rec commissioner. McDonell is a retired Vancouver fire chief who organized the Edmonds City Fair. McDonell lost the Burnaby-Edmonds NDP nomination to Raj Chouhan, the newly elected MLA.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BCA newcomer profile: Tony Coccia

BCA School board candidate Tony Coccia sure has had a lot to say. In the Burnaby Now. Coccia's positions on the issues are out in the open in his regular column in the Letters to the Editor section: for same-sex marriage, for teacher pay increases, against working with the provincial government, for boycotting visiting the U.S., against the benefits of the 2010 Olympics, for quoting Chomsky and supporting the Federal NDP, against the Iraq war, against national security, against safe streets, for panhandling, against business, and for covering up MLA death threats and squaters that damage the lawn of the legislature.

The Burnaby parent probably won't have nearly as much time to write letters to the local paper if he winds up being kept busy by serving as one of Burnaby's school trustees.

Many Myles Still To Go

Dave Myles is a candidate for the BCA slate this November. In today's Burnaby Now, the paper forgot to mention that Myles also ran for the NDP in 2001 and had the worst showing of the four Burnaby NDP candidates with just 4,608 votes in his bid to replace retiring New Democrat Joan Sawicki as MLA. John Nuraney defeated Myles in 2001 prior to his re-election this year against out-of-towner Gabriel Yiu.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Election Season Is Upon Us

The Burnaby Citizens are gearing up to pick their slate to continue their majority on council and school board dating back to 1987 and 1983, respectively. Rival slate TEAM Burnaby Voters Association is gearing up in hopes of giving Lee Rankin

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Right, Peter

Peter Julian, the talkative Burnaby-New Westminster MP, has a little photo gallery on his website. Like any politician's website, it is filled with photos of supporters and candidates of a similar political bent. Along with the photos of leftist activists and new NDP MLAs is a photo of the B.C. 5 (that sound like a group of radicals who should be put on trial, no?) - Peter Julian, Jean Crowder, Libby Davies, Nathan Cullen, and fellow Burnaby MP Bill Siksay - that (accidentally) suggests the voters should turn right.

Let's see how many days it takes until Mr. Julian's webmaster pulls the picture. Any bets?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloy empire expanding

Burquitlam MLA Harry Bloy, who has had a tendency to wander into Richard "T." Lee's riding to promote himself, is at it again. Much like his appearance at the Hats Off Day celebrations in the Hastings area, well out of Bloy's riding, the Member for Burquitlam will be at it again on August 6th. The Kensington Community Fair at Kensington Park will feature Harry Bloy among other political officials and community service organizations who hold the annual event for the Kensington neighbourhood.

This time, Bloy can be forgiven for encroaching on Lee's turf as the fair is taking place only a stone's throw (or two) from the western boundary of Bloy's Burquitlam riding. Perhaps a constituent or two might even be in attendance.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

You must be a Liberal if...

Billy Cunningham, perpetual want-to-be/never-will-be Burnaby-Douglas MP, has been talking a beating over at Public Eye with two lengthy stories on him the day before yesterday and yesterday. Looks like Mr. Bill is going to be in a bit of hot water for his poor planning of being at an event with an organization with links to terror.

Especially now that the media knows they've driven Stephen Harper and friends into the ground with they beating they just spent the past few months giving over homosexual unions and the on going saga of Gurmant Grewal's complete lack of judgement on a variety of fronts.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Wiki Democracy

Not that this is of much use for anything else, but Wikipedia has a page about the 39th Canadian general election. It lists all the nominated candidates so far. Here is the Western Canada part of that site.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ernie Winch exhibit

For those who enjoy the political archives, the City of Burnaby has a display at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts about the life and times of former CCF politician Ernie Winch, who served from 1933 till his 1957 death as Burnaby's MLA. The display, across from the box office, includes pictures of Winch, a summary of his life, and a book about his unlikely political career.