Wednesday, July 27, 2005

BCA newcomer profile: Tony Coccia

BCA School board candidate Tony Coccia sure has had a lot to say. In the Burnaby Now. Coccia's positions on the issues are out in the open in his regular column in the Letters to the Editor section: for same-sex marriage, for teacher pay increases, against working with the provincial government, for boycotting visiting the U.S., against the benefits of the 2010 Olympics, for quoting Chomsky and supporting the Federal NDP, against the Iraq war, against national security, against safe streets, for panhandling, against business, and for covering up MLA death threats and squaters that damage the lawn of the legislature.

The Burnaby parent probably won't have nearly as much time to write letters to the local paper if he winds up being kept busy by serving as one of Burnaby's school trustees.


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