Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloy empire expanding

Burquitlam MLA Harry Bloy, who has had a tendency to wander into Richard "T." Lee's riding to promote himself, is at it again. Much like his appearance at the Hats Off Day celebrations in the Hastings area, well out of Bloy's riding, the Member for Burquitlam will be at it again on August 6th. The Kensington Community Fair at Kensington Park will feature Harry Bloy among other political officials and community service organizations who hold the annual event for the Kensington neighbourhood.

This time, Bloy can be forgiven for encroaching on Lee's turf as the fair is taking place only a stone's throw (or two) from the western boundary of Bloy's Burquitlam riding. Perhaps a constituent or two might even be in attendance.


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