Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Any faster and it would be a Tweet

Carole James is done her event down at Byrne Creek school. The message is boilerplate NDP - the people vs. the powerful.

With a 17-point deficit, the money is on the powerful right now but as the next four weeks pass the James Gang, as the BC Liberals like to call them, will pick away at that with student, senior and worker issues. Many are expecting the NDP to throw out a major attack on Gordon Campbell, likely relating to his office's role in the BC Rail deal, to close the gap within the last week to ten days.

But as for today, Kamloops and Burnaby were one. James, her four Burnaby candidates, MP Peter Julian and three Burnaby councillors rallied the troops on the Burnaby end while the Kamloops crowd watched via videoconference. This was the first display of new technology during the campaign. The NDP will have NDP radio broadcasting from most of James's events and will have live streaming video from major rallies.

Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan was not in attendance but it appears that the NDP has shipped their veteran campaigners into Burnaby, particularly Deer Lake, to take down some Liberal MLAs.

James's next stop is in Vancouver tonight. Gordon Campbell goes to the Lieutenant Governor today to have the writ issued.


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