Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Provincial pols begin to Twitter

Last month, the Vancouver Sun got on the case of Gordon Campbell for starting a Twitter page and then losing interest. The Premier seems to be getting back into it over the last week. Now Carole James has joined up. The provincial Green Party seems to be the one suffering from Campbell's old problem of having nothing to text.

The federal election started to see the development of the use of Twitter by political parties and the fight over the federal economic update between the Conservatives and the opposition coalition got the Canadian public texting on Twitter in large numbers, but work still needs to be done by Canada politicians and political parties to break through on Twitter in large numbers. Until then, Twitter in Canada will be dominated by the tech savvy, heavy cell phone texters, and journalists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twitter will be dominated by computer geeks who have little else to do on a nice sunny Sunday.

There's no real value in Twitter.

It will go the way of MySpace, and beofre that ASCII text based BBS's.

2/02/2009 7:10 PM  

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