Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wikipedia edits by MLAs are boring

Given many other levels of government and several business organizations have been called out for editing Wikipedia, the user-edited encyclopedia, it's due time to call some of BC's MLAs to task. IP addresses for the legislature fall in the range of 207.194.253.xxx. Using Wikiscanner, it can be identified that minor edits were made to the pages of Jagrup Brar and former MLA and new CKNW regular Christy Clark. Other politicians pages that have been edited from that corner of the internet include Pompey (maybe some plans by one of the front-runners for the soon to be vacant NDP leadership?). The best edit may go to Charles Osborne, a lifelong hiccuper - likely a lot more annoying than a minor poltical hiccup. What a great use of taxpayer dollars!

To their credit, the MLAs and their staff should be praised for not contributing significantly to vandalism to Gordon Campbell's and other MLAs' pages, at least on work computers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can never comprehend how much boredom a person needs to have to check MLA profiles out on the internet. The only politician's wiki profile I check out is Governor Terminator, and it's for his movies.

9/15/2007 5:08 PM  

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