Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nuraney assistant and poor e-mail netiquette

Like many politicians, MLA John Nuraney sends out e-mail updates about his accomplishments in government and goings-on in Victoria. His latest bi-weekly update, sent October 12, featured a government call to the BCTF and "education partners" to the Learning Roundtable, an increase in rent assistance to seniors, and a new apprentice training funding.

Unfortunately, the e-mail sent by Patrick Ng, a staff assistant to the Burnaby-Willingdon MLA, included one other item. Usually the e-mails only have the constituency office's e-mail address in the recipient field. It was brought to Burnaby Politics' attention that the e-mail did not block the addresses of the recipients of the "John Nuraney E-Newsletter." Along with some interested constituents and the media, the e-mail was sent to many members of the Lower Mainland Ismaili community as well as to many Burnaby area right-leaning supporters of politicians such as Nuraney. There has not been too much backlash regarding the e-mail, but many of the recipients are unaware of their names being listed in the e-mail.


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