Thursday, September 29, 2005

The TEAM Dinner

Mayoral candidate Andrew Stewart of Donn Dean Collision and TEAM Burnaby's candidates were out in force this evening with almost 300 supporters in attendance at the Hilton Metrotown.

The most interesting part of Stewart's speech, which was mostly a repeat of his nomination meeting stump speech, was when he criticized the BCA for their RCMP hiring freeze for most of the last decade and followed it up by saying the BCA - one can assume he meant TEAM - would hire more RCMP officers. Reports are that other than a few gaffes here and there, Stewart actually gave a strong speech. Word is he is progressing nicely and should give Mayor Derek Corrigan a run for his money.

A note in the comments' section a few posts ago pointed out a change in TEAM's slate. Gary Bizzo is in fact gone from TEAM's Council slate. (No word on the reason yet, but feel free to make your suggestions in the comments.) Gary Begin has replaced him. Elaine Hasek has replaced Begin on the school board slate for TEAM.

In the crowd were a few current, former, and never will be politicians. MLA Harry Bloy introduced Andrew Stewart. Given the comments of master of ceremonies Jim Fraser, Bloy may be one of TEAM's key fundraisers. That should not be too difficult since it was also made clear that Premier Gordon Campbell is supportive of TEAM's efforts to run out the NDP-BCA council that caused the BC Liberals so much grief when there was little to no opposition in Victoria.

Former Cabinet Minister Joyce Murray was out to support her neighbours in Burnaby. At her table was 2004 Burnaby-New Westminster candidate Mary Pynenburg. (She had to reappear sometime before federal election day given that she is running again.) Former BC Liberal leader Art Lee was also at that table. Orbiting that table of pro-federal Liberal politics was the King Liberal Billy Cunningham, who worked the room like an old pro. George Drazenovic, the Tory rival to Cunningham and Bill Siksay in Douglas, was also in attendance.

MLAs John Nuraney and Richard T. Lee were not in attendance. Former BVA council candidate Nuraney was in town for the UBCM conference earlier in the week. Lee's whereabouts are unknown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given that much of Team Burnaby's core campaign team is Harry Bloy's, not surprising. Harry is after local power and is making sure "his" people run things.

9/30/2005 10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And isn't team's campaign being run by Bloy's buddy and former team mayor hopeful Brian Bonnie, who was taken to task if not to court over his comments about Mayor Derek Corrigan during the last election?

10/07/2005 4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same guy. Almost got sued by
Corrigan. Did sloppy research. Couldn't even get the required apology in the paper right. This guy is also a paid organizer for the BC Liberal Party for the Burnaby area.

10/07/2005 9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's fine. A whole bunch of BC Liberal paid staff are working on the TEAM Burnaby campaign during time that they're supposed to be doing BC Liberal work. I'm sure they're providing them with office supplys and Tech support to.

10/07/2005 11:49 PM  
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