Saturday, September 17, 2005

Where's Mary?

Mary Pynenburg, former darling of New West city hall, has been conspicuous by her absence. Burnaby Politics has been receiving reports on the movements of most Burnaby pols (the elected ones are easy to keep track of as their offices speak too freely over the phone). Peter Julian's Liberal challenger is the only one who has been keeping below the radar (even George Drazenovic is more visible and he's a man who some members of the Tory board in Douglas cannot find).

Perhaps Pynenburg is out there but Burnaby-New Westminster residents have not seen her. She should have been out there glad handing at the TEAM Burnaby Voters Association candidate nomination meeting like Billy Cunningham her Douglas counterpart, Marc Dalton her Tory rival, and perpetual third place candidate and BC Green leader Adriane Carr (and for that matter, Drazenovic should have been there too).

Hopefully the Liberal arrogance will disappear and their Burnaby-New Westminster candidate will start working for the local vote rather than assuming that it's people's duty as Canadians to vote Liberal. Otherwise Pynenburg can expect to become a two-time loser in Burnaby-New Westminster.


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