Friday, September 02, 2005

All-Star TEAM?

One of the TEAM people, likely a candidate and you can guess by looking at the comments a couple posts earlier, leaked what looks like the majority of the TEAM Burnaby Voters Association slate.

Joining incumbent Deb Christie on School Board will be at least four others. Trudy Gordon, a close associate of John Nuraney, has been sending letters out to TEAM supporters asking for their vote. Cathy Cena, who is VP of Sales for Edge Concepts and might just be this person who entered the JACKfm Apprentice Pool, also wants to make School District 41 a better place. Helen Chang and Richard Lee, who is probably not that Richard Lee are also identified as candidates.

Joining incumbent Lee Rankin, and previously identified candidates Barb Spitz and Gary Begin are several others. TEAM builder and former candidate Gary Eyre is in the running. Former council candidate and independent MLA candidate Tom Tao, who confuses Deer Lake with Burnaby Lake on his not-very-spell-checked blog, seems to have shaken off his independent ways in just over three months since he got whipped like a thoroughbred on the clubhouse turn in the May 17 election. Small business owner Gary C. Bizzo is also in the fray. Surjit Parmar, who is best known for his re-election as president at the 9-1-1 incident at a Burnaby-Edmonds BC Liberal meeting a few years back, is running. Ron Churchill is the other notorious candidate and is best known for his SkyTrain arrest and subsequent TransLink compensation while managing a 2000 Canadian Alliance - remember them? - campaign in Vancouver-South Burnaby. Garth Evans, Rob Weston, Mark Hilford, and Crystal Mall realtor Jeffrey Chiu are also among the list of candidates that were posted in the comments section.

Given that TEAM's candidate list is still incomplete, the prediction is that the five trustee candidates that are known will get selected to run by TEAM. As for council, the likely nominees (excluding the two candidates who remain unknown to Burnaby Politics) will probably be in order of finish: Rankin, Begin, Spitz, Eyre, Churchill, Hilford, Evans, and Weston. Among the others, Bizzo will come the closest followed in order by Parmar, Chiu, and Tao.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of them are worthy of support, others are a waste of vote and one would be better to vote for BCA. Team Burnaby has infested with people overdosing on the opiate of power.

9/02/2005 10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

School board? Burnaby council? Power? hm

9/03/2005 5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb Christie isnt running in this election. BTW I saw Cathy Cena in the Van Sun today. She was also nominated for the Humour awards at Yuk Yuks 2004. I think you have all the candidates for should be a good election.

9/06/2005 4:02 PM  

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