Friday, October 07, 2005

Bowled Over

Mayor Derek Corrigan nearly got tackled this evening. The Mayor, who is seeking re-election at the head of the BCA ticket, was on the sidelines at Swanguard Stadium late in the fourth quarter of the SFU-UBC Shrum Bowl football game when a late run down the sidelines went out of bounds right where Corrigan was standing. Corrigan and the small group of people with him quickly moved out of harm's way. SFU finished the drive by tying the game at 33-33 with two seconds remaining.

Mayor Corrigan was on hand for Burnaby's university's overtime defeat at the hands of the old school in Point Grey. Corrigan, along with SFU athletic staff, presented the Shrum Bowl to UBC for their victory in the 28th cross-town football rivalry game. Corrigan's role in the presentation ceremony did not win him many votes of SFU students. However many SFU students do not live in Burnaby. Those that do probably cannot be bothered to vote in municipal elections.


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