Thursday, October 13, 2005

Burnaby candidates invade Vancouver

Yesterday's major political events in Vancouver for Stephen Harper in the AM and the NPA in the PM drew three of the Burnaby candidates into the downtown core.

Conservative candidates Marc Dalton and George Drazenovic were in attendance along with more than a dozen other MPs and candidates to hear Stephen Harper address a downtown breakfast crowd. Reports are that Dalton was introduced as a teacher-librarian, while Drazenovic biography note emphasized his role in a new business start-up.

At the NPA dinner, Mary Pynenburg was in attendance along with several hundred others including many developers. She probably has not spent so much time with people seeking building permits since her days back in New West city hall. Jacques Leger, Pynenburg's husband, was the NPA's returning officer at the association's September 24 Clark-Sullivan battle.


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