Saturday, October 08, 2005

SFU is red but it's not Liberal red

Simon Fraser University, which is undeservingly getting covered by Burnaby Politics twice in one month, is Liberal central this week. Earlier this week, Romeo Dallaire, the peacekeeper turned Liberal Senator, was at the university to receive an honourary degree. Next week, Ken Dryden, the Liberal cabinet minister and depending on your generation author of The Game or NHL superstar goalie, will be at the university to talk about "A Confident Canada."

Romeo Dallaire was granted his degree before he became a politician, as the university's policy is to not grant honourary degrees to politicians until their political days have come to an end. As a senator, Dallaire does not have to seek re-election so perhaps that is irrelevant, or it may be that he was going to receive the degree when he was still not a politician and it would be unfair to take it away.

As for Ken Dryden, his talk is sponsored by the university and the student society. Part of the annoucement sent out reads as follows:

Ken Dryden, Minister of Social Development for the Government of Canada will be will be speaking on "A Confident Canada", focusing on the importance of early education as a vehicle for self and social development. The occasion is one of a series of opportunities for Simon Fraser students and faculty as well as local citizens to engage the issues of the day with those both in government and opposition.

No word as of yet who the "opposition" are who will provide an opposing view to Dryden. Maybe it won't be a New Democrat or a Tory but rather a Detroit Red Wing or Boston Bruin as they too probably dislike Dryden from his days with the Habs.


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Blogger NoTONoEagles said...

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