Monday, April 20, 2009

Better get on the ballot

Given B.C.'s strong tradition of political parties for all tastes, this election does not look too exciting yet. As of this evening, candidates have less than four days to file with Elections BC to get on the ballot. At this point, 13 ridings still have just one candidate on the ballot. This will soon change, but there is no reason to cut it close now that B.C. has had fixed election dates for two elections. Of the registered parties, 25 have zero candidates registered.

In Burnaby, one eight candidates have completed the paperwork and been approved. They are:
  • Burnaby-Deer Lake: Bruce Friesen of the Greens and John Nuraney of the Liberals;
  • Burnaby-Edmonds: Carrie McLaren of the Greens and Lee Rankin of the Liberals;
  • Burnaby-Lougheed: Harry Bloy of the Liberals, Helen Chang of the Greens, and Jaynie Clark of the NDP; and
  • Burnaby North: Richard T. Lee of the Liberals.

NDP candidates Kathy Corrigan in Burnaby-Deer Lake, Raj Chouhan in Burnaby-Edmonds, and Mondee Redman in Burnaby North, Green Doug Perry in North, and Refederation BC candidate Jarelle Hepburn in Edmonds are expected to find their way onto the ballot by Friday afternoon.

If this develops as expected, Edmonds with four will have the most candidates in Burnaby. Delta South, Kelowna-Mission, North Vancouver-Lonsdale, Peace River North and Penticton already have five candidates each at this point.


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