Thursday, April 26, 2007

Panhandlers, and Petty Crime, and Squeegee Kids, Oh My!

BC Housing does not look to be making many friends in the Confederation Park area according to The Now. Eventually someone might speak up about BC Housing being the first step towards that homeless shelter that council seems to want to plant somewhere in the city.

It could be time for someone to bring a new voice to City Hall in next year's election. Last time the number two party ran on crime and did the best any challenger to the Burnaby Citizens' Association has done in a decade despite their election eve mayoral scandal. Could a new political force spring to life in response to the Downtown Eastside being gentrified and all its ills and troubles winding up elsewhere?

The winning ticket to 4949 Canada Way might just be handed to someone who campaigns on keeping Burnaby's homeless shelter off the South Slope, out of Edmonds, away from Hastings, nowhere near Lougheed, and well away from Metrotown and Brentwood. If the current council and their counterparts at other levels consider such a facility for Burnaby chances are a few people might have their baser instincts pop up at an untimely location - namely, the polling station.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An entire week, and not a single comment on this silly diatribe? Now wonder.

Here's the real analysis.

The Liberal's land purchase in North Burnaby will bite Richard T. Lee a hell of a lot harder than it will anybody at city hall.

One gets the impression that the BC Liberals announced this deal because they are worried about losing seats in Burnaby due to "other ongoing scandals".

Yeah. Corrigan is alienating his own side when he refuses to support a homeless shelter. But what NDP supporter is going to vote Liberals because of a social issue.

This reeks of bad advice, bad planning and an announcement made more on the basis of political fear than of any real desire to do good in the community.

5/02/2007 1:12 PM  
Anonymous PoorBurnabyGuy said...

Let the Liberals build publicly-funded shooting galleries for junkies, 24 hour pawn shops, and homeless shelters in Gordo's back yard.

Point Grey Park should be remaned Needle Point Park and not because of the Grannies doing their hobbies there.

Funny how the Rich and Powerful are the best at the NIMBY game yet the Media is never focused on that story.

5/05/2007 9:11 AM  

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