Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday's news today

Given the extensive comment war going on about the doings of BC Liberal MLAs from Burnaby, it looked like a good time to check what Burnaby's government backbenchers have been doing. While busy attending inaugural council meetings at Burnaby City Hall, MLAs have not had time to update their websites.

MLAs Harry Bloy, Richard T. Lee, and John Nuraney need to get some better help in Victoria. Each of their websites are full of items from earlier in the fall session. Multiple references to "today" are made on the generic government pages, yet those todays occurred many yesterdays ago. Perhaps someone in BC Liberal caucus communications might remedy this problem in the future by not saying "today" on items that will be featured on the main pages of these sites for weeks at a time.

NDP MLA Raj Chouhan does not seem to have an opposition website to serve his constituents in Burnaby-Edmonds.


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