Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Liberals ask bureaucrats for money again

Taking a page from the Mary Pynenburg playbook, the Liberal Party of Canada is hitting up bureaucrats at the Privy Council Office for money. The PCO is supposed to be non-political, but the Liberal Party does not always pay attention to such things.

Previously Burnaby-New Westminster Liberal candidate Mary Pynenburg found herself in hot water (and soon thereafter looked over a promotion and voluntarily out of a job) for asking city hall employees for donations to her campaign. Pynenburg asked for support using her work e-mail address and made at least one individual at New Westminster city hall feel uncomfortable by her politicization of city hall. Pynenburg also solicited the development community, because last election Pynenburg was the New Westminster city planner and it looked like a good idea for developers to give her money.


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