Thursday, November 17, 2005

Horseshoes and hand grenades

In about 48 hours all the tempest in a teapot that is the 2005 Burnaby municipal election will be all said and all done. Here is this website's predicted order of finish for Saturday's elections:

x Derek CORRIGAN, Burnaby Citizens (48%)
Andrew STEWART, TEAM Burnaby (45%)
Tom TAO (7%)

x Nick VOLKOW, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Sav DHALIWAL, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Lee RANKIN, TEAM Burnaby (incumbent)
x Pietro CALENDINO, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Colleen JORDAN, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Paul McDONELL, Burnaby Citizens
x Barbara SPITZ, TEAM Burnaby
x David MYLES, Burnaby Citizens
Dan JOHNSTON, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
Gary BEGIN, TEAM Burnaby
Leslie ROOSA, Burnaby Citizens
Mark HILFORD, TEAM Burnaby
Gary EYRE, TEAM Burnaby
Garth EVANS, TEAM Burnaby
Jeffrey CHIU, TEAM Burnaby
Parvin CHAMI

x Ron BURTON, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Larry HAYES, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Mondee REDMAN, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Kathy CORRIGAN, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Diane MUMFORD, Burnaby Citizens (incumbent)
x Helen CHANG, TEAM Burnaby
x Trudy GORDON, TEAM Burnaby
Cathy CENA, TEAM Burnaby
Tony COCCIA, Burnaby Citizens
Baljinder NARANG, Burnaby Citizens
Rich BAERG, TEAM Burnaby
Richard LEE, TEAM Burnaby
Elaine HASEK, TEAM Burnaby
Nancy von EUW, TEAM Burnaby
Manjeet SAHOTA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burnaby has typically been a left leaning, 'working class' jurisdiction, federally, provincially and at the city level. I wonder, as property values increase, will we see a gradual swing to a more pro development, pro business leadership? By the two predictions posted here - I guess not yet.
I have a difficult time supporting someone who is happy to have two rapid transit lines supporting his jurisdiction but who spearheaded the opposition to other jurisdictions getting similar transit improvements.

11/18/2005 9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My crystal ball shows a different future than yours. Thank goodness. My crystall ball shows team burnaby holding 4 seats for council, burnaby citizens 3 seats and chisholm having one. We may actually see some fair decisions this next round. Lets hope so.

11/18/2005 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think you may need clean that crystal ball of yours. You're assuming that Chisholm will hold the balance of power and will be kajoled into voting what ever it is that the political hacks in Team Burnaby want by buying him off, or some other stupid thing sent his way DOn't think Chisholm is that dumb. He's been around party politics.

The guess shown is far more accurate and worth goin' for.

11/18/2005 10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chisholm doesnt have a chance. Will do ok but not good enough.
Good point on the changing demogs of Burnaby a lot of the trailer part types that used to vote NDP have moved to Surrey and that probably is why McCallum finds himself in a pickle.
Just look at the last provincial election.

11/18/2005 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Volkow topping the list! Hmmmmm. Not sure about that. I have him as scrambling to hold onto his seat.

11/18/2005 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll be trucking on through. No problem with him returning to council.

The list is just fine. But Rankin will be at the top of the list, but in the scheme of things it doesn't matter who got the most votes, it matters who is in and who is out.

Team Burnaby except one (Lee Rankin) and another (this person would have made it without Team Burnaby anyway) are out.

11/18/2005 4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous blogger. I think Rankin has the best chances of keeping his head above water. The rest of the team is headed to the showers for another 3 years of self-gratification. Times don't change much around here do they?

11/18/2005 10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the person who said that Chisholm will not do well, obviously you were not present at the all candidate meetings. Anyone who is non partisan and can sway Team Burnaby to adopt a tax freeze policy has my vote. I also liked his feedback to Burnaby Citizens Association. In any event we will know the results shortly.

11/18/2005 11:15 PM  

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