Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Debating whether debates matter

What a torture. The three leaders must be tired already if that's the debate that happened. If they were any more worn out they'd have a five o'clock shadow and look like DRBC frontman Tom "White Fang" Morino.

The few of us who endured the full show have to ask one serious question: does no one know how to debate anymore?

At least we discovered that Gordo isn't cruel to women, Carole actually has some opinions (although they might change tomorrow), and the Little Green Woman has more to say than "can't we all just get along and hug a tree?"

If one was playing a debate drinking game, where a shot was taken every time an upity, holier-than-thou reporter asked a loaded question they wouldn't be here reading this blog right now.

Hopefully Bill Good's softballs can be counteracted by the real questions from B.C. voters next week. Until then the Election Express slogs on.


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