Thursday, April 28, 2005

Burnaby-Willingdon: The Buzz

NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu has had incredible trouble getting in the media. The Province had someone else as the NDP candidate when they first profiled the riding. Then 24 Hours profiled the riding today and spelt his name Yui all throughout the article.

This name problem is not exclusive to Yiu. Tony Kuo's name is often listed in some Chinese media sources as Guo, which will prove incredibly difficult for some less informed supporters who cannot find anyone named Guo on the ballot on May 17. Fortunately, this will not affect many people as DRBC is polling so low.

Still no word on a Green Party candidate in the riding.

Kuo (Guo) and Yiu (Yui) have been having heated debates whenever they appear together in the media. This riding so far has the most candidates of Chinese descent - independent Tom Tao is also running. Between that and the fact that a significant portion of the riding is from Hong Kong, Taiwan or the People's Republic of China, there is significant media attention from print, radio, and TV aimed at the Chinese market. Channel M has profiled the riding several times already and Fairchild AM radio is gearing up for an all-candidates debate in the last week of the campaign.

BC Liberal John Nuraney is the only candidate not of Chinese descent in the contest.


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