Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Challenger Has Dinner in Burnaby

Carole James, who is looking like a sure thing to win her Victoria seat on May 17, paid a visit to Burnaby last night as she continues her tour of the province in hopes of finding some more people to sit with her on the opposition side of the aisle.

Friday night's dinner was for controversial commentator Gabriel Yiu, who is best known for finger wagging towards Vancouver's Chinese community. The sparse crowd celebrated the NDP with Joy MacPhail, Jenny Kwan, and Burnaby's mayor, whose nice words about Yiu's BC Liberal opponent John Nuraney appeared in the Burnaby Now just last weekend.

Fortunately for the NDP, the situation is looking significantly better in other Burnaby ridings such as North and Edmonds.


Blogger Left Turn said...

Gabriel Yiu is not controversial. He is a respected comentator in the Chinese media. He was voted one of "six people to watch in Vancouver" by Time Magazine in 1997. He has not wagged his finger at the chinese community. He did urge a vote for the BC NDP in 2001, at a time when the rest of the chinese media was prepared to back the BC Liberals. This does not ammoung to finger wagging. More recently, Gabriel has helped expose the BC Liberals secret plan to close the long-term care facility at Mt. St. Joseph's hospital, which is geared towards the chinese community.

Derek Corrigan's nice words to John Nuraney were in response to the one and only good thing that Mr. Nuraney has done for the community. When Derek Corrigan wrote these words he never intended them to wind up in a centrefold ad for Mr. Nuraney. Derek Corrigan is a longtime New Democrat, and he is backing Gabriel, not Mr. Nuraney.

4/25/2005 9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Respected by whom? The English media or the Chinese media where most of the Chinese voters get their news?

4/26/2005 12:14 AM  

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