Saturday, March 19, 2005

Burnaby-Edmonds: OutRAJed NDPer

Raj Chouhan, the union boss turned NDP candidate (not that that is uniquely identifying), is off to a strong start. Nominated early for an NDP candidate (last November), Chouhan is everywhere in NDP circles, having a fundraiser last night with leader Carole James. (Surprisingly, the BC Liberal MLA Patty Sahota has not made an issue of his fundraiser taking place outside the riding in South Vancouver.) He also had former MLA Moe "The Premier Slayer" Sihota speak at a South Asian NDP candidates rally. He appears to be one of the more "organized" NDP candidates, but would you expect any less from the Canadian Farmworkers' Union boss?

His NDP page is as generic as the others, but at least he has a link to his real website, which is one of the better websites out there so far from any candidate for any party.

With the support of Moe, Chouhan has the other Sahota in trouble. The former riding of the late Fred Randall appears to be heading back to the NDP camp (unless it winds up 77-2 again).


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