Saturday, March 19, 2005

Burnaby North: The Comeback Kid?

Pietro Calendino, the former NDP MLA, is back for his third battle with Richard T. Lee for the right to represent the residents of Burnaby North.

Calendino's NDP website is the generic NDP page for candidates who have yet to update their web content. Calendino's Burnaby Citizens municipal campaign page has more content, a point form bio, at this point. His City Council page is more of the same.

Calendino and Lee are too close to call, although Election Prediction gives it to the NDP already. If Calendino has a meltdown like he did in 2001 where he tore a strip off a voter at the Burnaby Board of Trade all-candidates debate he could throw this one to Lee, but at this point it's the NDP's to lose.


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