Saturday, April 02, 2005

The election is about 5 weeks away

What's that you say? The provincial election is still over six weeks away. True enough.

The federal election, however, is fast approaching. Burnaby Conservatives and NDPers are having meetings today right under each other's noses in Burnaby-New Westminster.

If only the federal election happened after May 17th, the Conservatives and Liberals might have a better selection of candidates if any Richard T. Lee, Harry Bloy, Patty Sahota, or John Nuraney did not gain re-election (and it's nearly 100% certain that Burnaby will not return the same four MLAs on May 17th).

Old Pietro Calendino, the perpetual candidate du gauche, could hop into the race against Bill Siksay for the NDP nod if by some chance he doesn't steamroll Richard T. Lee. Bart "Burquitlam (hearts) Bart" Healey could possibly take a run at James Moore's Tri-Cities area seat if he wanted to continue to be a lamb to the slaughter. Raj Chouhan should not make plans to run federally (so at least Peter Julian is safe). Gabriel Yiu should turn his focus to municipal politics (preferably in a city where he actually lives or works).

Then there is Tony Kuo. He will likely find a new party after how the Liberal Party of Canada abused the democratic process to prop up Liberal boy Billy Cunningham. Perhaps Kuo will make a run with the Marijuana Party, which might explain his politics a bit better.

Or, the Liberals and Conservatives could go find other candidates and provide a serious challenge to Bill Siksay and Peter Julian on election day, whether if comes before, on or after May 17th.


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