Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The first of the finals: Willingdon

To no one's surprise, John Nuraney held on to Burnaby-Willingdon. The numbers did tighten a bit, however, as it appears Gabriel Yiu made up some ground - about 90 votes - in the absentee voting.

Results are still to be reported for Edmonds, North, and Burquitlam, but nothing should shift - despite there being two recounts in Edmonds and North - unless second place candidates significantly won their absentee voting categories.

Friday, May 20, 2005

War Footing

The federal Conservatives' national website changed its welcome page back to what it was during the 2004 election. But it appears to have some different photos than it had last time.

Nomination Watch

Check out Nomination Watch, which is keeping track of who is (and isn't) running to become your next MP somewhere in Canada.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Results

Here are your winners from Tuesday:

Burnaby-Edmonds: Raj Chouhan

Burnaby North: Richard T. Lee

Burnaby-Willingdon: John Nuraney

Burquitlam: Harry Bloy

Here are the voter turnout numbers for the entire province.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Call

Here are the predicted orders of finish from this website for the four Burnaby ridings tomorrow night:


Raj Chouhan, NDP

Patty Sahota, BC Liberal

Suzanne Deveau, Green

Burnaby North

Pietro Calendino, NDP

Richard T. Lee, BC Liberal

Richard Brand, Green

Matthew R. Laird, DRBC


John Nuraney, BC Liberal

Gabriel Wing-On Yiu, NDP

Tony Kuo, DRBC (with the highest DRBC vote in the province a close third to Yiu)

Pauline Farrell, Green

Tom Tao, Independent

John Warrens, BC Marijuana


Harry Bloy, BC Liberal

Bart Healey, NDP

Carli Irene Travers, Green

Graham "Evil Genius" Fox, "Rhino"

Peter Grin, BC Marijuana

The BC Liberals will be returned with a 56-23 vote with 48 percent of the province-wide vote. The referendum will fail province-wide and in Burnaby.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Burquitlam: Evil Genius

Graham "Evil Genius" Fox, the unofficial Rhino Party candidate, is profiled in this week's SFU Peak newspaper. Also profiled are two other SFU students turned candidates Green Michael Hejazi, who is running in Coquitlam, and BC Liberal Daniel Igali, who is running in Surrey. All three SFU students face an uphill battle on Tuesday but Igali is likely the only one with a chance at being an MLA on Wednesday morning.

Willingdon: DRBC

Tony Kuo, the DRBC candidate/one-man publicity stunt, has been going crazy with the sign waving lately as the photos on his website suggest. He also had a plane up two days in a row saying vote for Tony Kuo. How he became that party's deputy leader is a mystery to many. It almost makes the other candidates look bad that they were not made deputy leader given the antics of this candidate. Heck, they should all break down in tears like he did last year.

Willingdon: The Independent

Tom Tao, the independent candidate, in Burnaby-Willingdon has an interesting blog/rant website where he rails against the Liberals, NDP and Greens, promotes STV, and argues the case for electing him. Aside from the typos it is quite an interesting little page.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mad Marijuana

Looks like the Marijuana Party isn't happy about Burnaby Politics's comments about their lethargy.

Lighten up. And if that doesn't work, light one up.

Burnaby Battlezone

Pietro, Gabriel and Harry have had their leaders wander into their ridings in the past day or so. The battle for Burnaby is on. Expect each party leader to make at least one more pass through the riding between now and Tuesday morn.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

North NDP site goes down

Pietro Calendino's nomination website has finally disappeared, being replaced by an advertisement to purchase the site.

Maybe a local branch of an organization of motorcycle enthusiasts might be interested in buying the site.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Campbell Bounces Back

After taking a bit of a beating on the TV debate last, Premier Gordon Campbell bounced back on the radio version. Along with a self-defining Green leader, the BC Liberal controlled the debate and turned the tide against the NDP. This may stop the NDP's surging fortunes.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Rhino in Burquitlam

Graham "Evil Genius" Fox is listed a man without a party on the Elections BC website. However, today's Burnaby Now reported that he is running for the Rhinoceros Party, that classic party of truth so honest you can't tell if they're serious. His promises are a bit off the wall but then again this is the same party that ran a candidate name Sa Tan in the last election.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Debating whether debates matter

What a torture. The three leaders must be tired already if that's the debate that happened. If they were any more worn out they'd have a five o'clock shadow and look like DRBC frontman Tom "White Fang" Morino.

The few of us who endured the full show have to ask one serious question: does no one know how to debate anymore?

At least we discovered that Gordo isn't cruel to women, Carole actually has some opinions (although they might change tomorrow), and the Little Green Woman has more to say than "can't we all just get along and hug a tree?"

If one was playing a debate drinking game, where a shot was taken every time an upity, holier-than-thou reporter asked a loaded question they wouldn't be here reading this blog right now.

Hopefully Bill Good's softballs can be counteracted by the real questions from B.C. voters next week. Until then the Election Express slogs on.